Want better orgasms? Breathe!

Most adults approach sex in much the same way they did as a teenager: quickly, quietly, in the dark, with little to no variation in technique and a lot of muscular tension.

One of the best and easiest ways to ramp up your orgasms is to breathe. That's right, breathe.

What could breath possibly have to do with orgasms, you ask?

Think about it. What do you usually do when you get close to orgasm? Do you hold your breath? Most people do, and there's a good reason for that. Think back to when you were first masturbating. Chances are you had to get to orgasm quickly and quietly so you wouldn't be discovered. How did you do that? You held your breath—time after time after time. Like any oft-repeated activity (such as typing or riding a bike) you imprinted it on your muscle memory. So now, most of us still hold our breath when we're closing in on an orgasm. This old habit can severely limit our orgasmic potential.

From a physiological standpoint, arousal is a delicate balance between tension—the expansion and contraction of muscles in the pelvic floor and throughout the body—and blood flow. And what does blood carry through your body? Oxygen.

So if you aren't breathing while you're building up orgasmic energy, you are cutting your orgasmic potential in half. Breathing deeply and consistently during sexual play can be the difference between a quick "firecracker" type of orgasm, and long, ecstatic, orgasmic ride through the cosmos.

For longer, deeper, more varied and more ecstatic orgasms, make a commitment to breathe from your first erotic thought or touch.

Do you need to do any special kind of breathing? No, just breathe a bit more fully and deeply than you usually do (this could be deeper or faster or both.)

This simple tip can work for everyone. Let's face it, if you're alive, you're breathing. You can always breathe a bit more fully and deeply, no matter your age, physical condition or relationship status.

Remembering to breathe during sex can be challenging at first. Don't be discouraged. Remember, you're breaking a lifelong habit of holding your breath. It may feel as if it takes longer to orgasm when you're breathing fully. I can hear you asking, "If breath is such an orgasm enhancer, why am I taking longer to come?"  Look at it this way: Imagine that your old way of breathing was the equivalent of putting a single gallon of orgasmic fuel in your tank. When you breathe fully and deeply you're filling the whole twenty gallon tank. It takes a bit longer, but you can so go oh so much further.

Practice on your own at first.

When you practice while masturbating you can more easily notice when you stop breathing. After you've had some practice on your own, you can ask your partner to remind you—or order you, if that's your style—to keep breathing.

Be patient with yourself and enjoy the process.  Don't think of orgasm as your goal. Rather, savor each moment, each peak and valley along the way.

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