The three worst excuses for not using condoms and how to get past them

I can't tell you how many times I've been asked, "How can I have safer sex if I hate condoms?"

My answer never varies:  No problem—masturbate! However, if you want to place a penis into the mouth, anus or vagina of someone else, you have to learn to love condoms.

Why do people hate condoms and what can be done to change that? Let's start to with a helpful tip for the condom wearer.

Try placing a dollop of lube in the tip of the condom before sliding it on. That little bit of lube can go a long way in increasing sensation. It will not only make it things feel more slippery and sexy but it will also help prevent breakage by keeping the condom from stretching too tightly over the head of the penis. 

Now, on to the top three complaints about condoms:

Complaint #1: It's like making love with a raincoat on.

This usually means "Condoms just aren't comfortable"—a legitimate concern. The easiest way to make a condom more comfortable is to find the right fit. There are slimmer condoms for penises that are long but not thick; there are extra wide condoms for the wider, shorter penis, as well as extra large and small condoms. With all those varieties to choose from, there is bound to be a comfy fit for your penis. Think of it like an item of clothing—you don't stop wearing pants because you tried on three pairs that weren't comfortable, right? Invest the time and money to find a brand and fit that suits you. In addition, learn to love the feeling that comes with protecting your health and that of your partner/s. Learn to think positive thoughts about condoms. Your attitude will affect how any condom feels, so cultivate a warm, loving relationship with them.

Complaint #2: My cock is too big.

Sorry if this is a let down, but your cock is not too big for a condom. it just might not have enjoyed the fit of the condoms you have used in the past. Find one that fits. There are also female condoms which are worn vaginally. They can be inserted ahead of time and cover more surface area, thus providing more protection against STIs (sexually transmitted infections). Still think your cock is too big for a condom? See video below for proof that it's not.

Complaint #3: I am (or my partner is) allergic to latex.

Latex allergies are not common. People often confuse an adverse reaction to the cheap lube used on many pre-lubricated condoms with an allergy to latex. Try buying un-lubricated condoms, or condoms lubricated with silicone lube (which is hypoallergenic) such as Glyde Slim Fit or Glyde Ultra. Experiment. Try a different brand for a week or two and note any reactions you or your partner might experience. Keep experimenting until you find a condom that doesn't irritate you.

For those with actual latex allergies, there are a variety of fabulous non-latex condoms out there. The female condom mentioned above is latex-free. Lifestyle also makes a latex-free traditional male condom called SKYN. It's made with polyisoprene, a material designed to transmit body heat more effectively, helping to eliminate that "raincoat" feeling.

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