Kitchen pervertibles!

Many of us have sexual fantasies that involve sex toys. A sex toy is any implement that enhances sensual and sexual pleasure. It doesn't have to be something purchased in a sex toy shop. It can be anything you might find in your own home. We call items that serve this dual purpose "pervertibles." Pervertibles expand your erotic imagination, save you lots of money and can provide hours of sexy fun. The fun starts when you and a lover begin your search for pervertibles. If you're anything like me, you'll laugh your sides sore (or shriek in horror) as you imagine an erotic purpose for all your household items.

One of the best places to begin your search for pervertibles is in the kitchen. There are so many things there that can serve a delightfully naughty purpose. Some provide sensation, some are good for impact play (aka the things that go thwack! in the night), and some vibrate. Here are 7 kitchenware items that can be repurposed for a sexy time!

  • Ice Cubes!

    Want to feel a little chill as things heat up between you and that someone special? Try a few cubes of ice. Run an ice cube anywhere along the body from head to toe. It's all natural and great for summer fun. Paradoxically, an ice cube on skin can sometimes feel like fire, especially if the recipient is blindfolded—two sensations in one!
  • Dough prickler

    Dough prickler

    aka the Dough Docker. This is a fabulous little device that was originally intended to roll the extra air out of dough, but it can also be used to tickle your senses. Try running it up and down the inner thigh or along your lover's back as a precursor to a massage.
  • Fork.

    A fork is not simply a food delivery system. This essential utensil is another great toy for teasing the skin. Gently brush the tongs along your lover's arm or along the bottom of their feet for a sensation ranging from a tickle to a tantalizing scratch.
  • Dough prickler


    Try out gentle impact play with a silicone spatula. Lightweight and easier to wield than a traditional paddle, use it to spank your lover's bottom, chest or inner thighs (stay away from the feet, belly or spine).
  • Chip clips.

    Dough pricklerWant to experiment with nipple play but not ready to invest in clamps at a store? You're in luck. There is an array of household items that are at your disposal, from clothespins to the aforementioned chip clips, normally used to close a snack food bag. Use with caution and be aware that the longer you leave clips on, the more intense the sensation will be when you take them off. This is because the clip or clothespin temporarily deprives the nipple of blood. When you remove it, blood rushes back in and sensation returns. The longer the clip has been on, the greater the sensation when it comes off. This is a great way to increase sensitivity and explore the thin line between pain and pleasure. If you are new to this sensation, start slowly. Leave the clips on for no more than five to ten minutes. When and if you're ready to buy actual nipple clamps you'll find that they are adjustable and made from a variety of materials.
  • Meat Tenderizer

    Meat Tenderizer

    Want to try a sensation toy with a little rough & tumble to it? Check out a meat tenderizer. Gently tap your partners bottom with it to warm it up for a nice massage or a naughty spanking. Consider covering it in plastic wrap to vary sensation and to keep it sanitary.
  • Sink spray nozzle.

    Are you an adventurous, water-loving type? Try using the spray nozzle on your sink as a vibrator. And for those of you lucky enough to have a washing machine in your house, consider sitting on it and let the spin cycle take you for a ride. Complement with a candle and your lover for the most enjoyable laundry day ever.

As you can see, the kitchen can be your playground. With a little creativity and some handy pervertibles you can go on an amusing and exciting erotic journey in the comfort of your own home.

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